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The Danish company Alere sells equipment for doctors and physical therapists. In 2013 the two Danish companies Seelen Care and Medinor decided to merge and create the company Alere. Before the merger MCB had delivered a B2B web shop to Seelen Care, which they have decided to keep after the creation of Alere. Lise von Seelen took over the family company, Seelen Care, in 2007 and decided to expand the business with an online shop. The goal was that the online sales should reach 40 % of overall sales within the first years.

The goal was reached. Within the first 1½ year, the sales online increased from 10 % to more than 40 %, and it is still increasing.

It was a challenging process to convert the traditional company to a more online based company, and Lise advises everyone to handle this challenge from a strategic point of view.

“Transformation takes time. It is important to make all the employees accept the idea and remove concerns among them. In our case the sales personnel was afraid to become unnecessary if a large part of the sales should come from the online shop”, says Lise von Seelen and adds that the purpose was the exact opposite.

“When regular costumers start to buy online, the sales personnel have more time to be proactive and focus on service and visiting existing customers. This makes the sales grow, so the online sales are in our case making the business grow.”

Lise emphasizes that the webshop at Seelen Care is under constant development:

“A webshop cannot be left unattended. We constantly customize the shop and develop new possibilities.”

All in all, the story of Seelen Care is a genuine success story. The growth continues and now the goal for the webshop is to reach 50 % of the overall sales.

Q&A with Per Tornvig – Marketing coordinator – Seelen Care

What have you achieved with your MCB web shop?

“We have achieved what we wanted. Sales should increase significantly, and we needed tool that could be used throughout the growth. This has been delivered to us. It is both the customers and sales personnel that benefits from the homepage. The customers experience that it is fast and convenient and the sales personnel experience that they have more time to find new costumers and help existing customers.”

Can you mention the three biggest advantages with MCB?

“The employees at MCB are professionally and skilled. A personal contact makes the cooperation easier. MCB always has focus on business development – also for the customer.”

Please name the three biggest advantages with Masterpiece?

> Quick
> Clear and foreseeable
> Easy to use

What did you achieve by participating in our workshops?

“Professional discussions and exchange of experiences.”

Why did you choose MCB as your business partner?

> Closeness
> Price
> Quality

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