Danish Coastal Authority

When the Danish Coastal Authority decided to re-launch their website in 2010, the decision fell on MCB!

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It was a demanding task, and was solved in collaboration between MCB and the Danish Coastal Authority. The Danish Coastal Authority is a governmental organization who administers the coastline of Denmark. The demands to web-design, development, and user friendliness were very high, and therefore the final result is a new and functional website. The result is a user friendly and functional website with many exciting functions such as a Google Map integration, where you are able to read news, find information about tide and wave size, and a lot more.

“MCB has throughout the entire process of re-launching the website www.kyst.dk delivered a thorough and professional piece of work. Our website has given us brand new possibilities when we, as a governmental institution, want to offer as much information as possible to the public in a neat and multifunctional layout", says Ole Navntoft - Head of Communications, Danish Coastal Authority.

Special solution

The Danish Coastal Authority is a good example to show that every employee at MCB is doing their very best to solve demanding individual requests from customers.

Because of new system requirements from the Danish government, MCB had to make a solution that communicated with a Danish citizen log-in service developed by the Danish government. MCB solved this challenge by updating the formula module in the CM-system, Masterpiece, so it could meet the new requirements. This solution was the first of its kind, and MCB was therefore first to moderate a CM-system to these new requirements.

“It is with great pleasure that The Coastal Authority can offer our users of our homepage an online self-service solution. With this service, we have created an even closer bond between the public Denmark and the citizens”, Ole Navntoft - Head of Communications, Danish Coastal Authority.

Visit the website of The Danish Costal Directorate here>>

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