Education Center Holstebro

For many years, Education Center Holstebro (ECH) has been one of our most ambitious customers. With constant focus on improving their website, adapting to their target group, and measuring the impact of their efforts they work strategically with their website.

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Frequently we hold strategic meetings with ECH where we discuss present challenges and new requests for the website. On one of these strategic meetings it was discussed how to improve the website in order to increase the number of enquiries via the contact box on the website. To test this, a split test is an obvious possibility, since it is a cheap and efficient way to test different versions of a website.

MCB therefore prepared a split test for ECH, where the target was to find the most efficient layout of the contact box with the highest conversion rate. And the results were impressive! With only a few simple adjustments to the contact box the conversion rate increased with an impressive 388 %. The results were not only impressive, but also surprising for both ECH and MCB. The layout predicted to win the test only increased the conversion with 161 %. In itself a good result, but yet far from the winning result.

The result of the split test proves that you have to be careful when you work with consumer behaviour. When you work online you have the advantage that you can test how the visitors on your website react to different versions, and a split test is both cheap and efficient. In the case of ECH it proved to be a wise decision to test different versions of the contact box, otherwise the conversion rate never would have increased 388 %.

What is a Split Test?

A split test means that the visitors on a website randomly is being shown different versions of the site you want to test. Therefore, by the end of the test you can see which version delivers the best conversion rate.
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