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As a customer at MCB we want to offer you much more than just the tools to maintain and manage your website or webshop – we also want to equip you to use these tools in the best possible way.
  • 13 years of experience with helping customers to online success.
  • Expert knowledge about Google Analytics, Google Adwords, online marketing, SEO etc.
  • Highly developed business understanding

It is a great concern for us, that you succeed with your solution and get as much value as possible out of your investment. In order to do that we will share our knowledge with you!

Through our 13 years in the market, we have gathered unique knowledge about the internet as both a media and a marketplace. We know the ground rules of online business, and we know that it can be very confusing and time consuming in the beginning, if you don’t have online experience.

That is why we see it as our obligation to equip you best possible, in order to ensure that you achieve your goals with the solution. For many years we have been helping and advising our customers regarding everything related to managing online solutions: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, online marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), A/B splittests, usertests, newsletters, social media, retargeting and so on.

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MCB is a web company with headquarter in Denmark and a branch in Vietnam. All together we have more than 60 competent and committed colleagues striving to develop the best possible web solutions for our customers. We work hard to develop, design and produce leading website and webshop solutions. We value customer driven development of our platforms, ensuring competitive solutions that increase our customers businesses. We closely follow the development in the market in order to deliver high quality and long lasting products.
You are always welcome to contact us regarding our company and vacant positions.

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