MCB Platform

MCB Platform provides you with a thoroughly tested solution, that runs over 2.200 internet solutions today and annually generates more than € 150 million in direct and indirect revenue for our customers.

MCB Platform is a so-called cloud platform based on the very same principles as Google's solutions. In practice that means, that all of our customers runs the same software, but the solutions are unique due to the professional design, that is individually created for each single solution, and the various data by which the solution is fed.

In other words, you will get all the advantages from a cloud platform plus your solution will be unique and 100 % adapted to your needs.


There are numerous advantages, which speak in favour of a cloud based solution:

Great prices: A cloud platform allows integration of otherwise cost-intensive software, gaining all customers the advantages of this software, without having to pay the entire bill themselves. To MCB a cloud platform implies, easier updating and maintenance of the platform, making us very cost-efficient, while simultaneously enabling us to deliver one of the most efficient and versatile solutions on the market at an attractive and competitive price.

Price reflects needs: You only pay for the modules you need to build your exact solution. This is cheaper, than a tailored IT-solution, or buying a large system from the beginning, which has to be modified according to your needs later on.

Savings on licenses: At MCB you do not have to pay expensive and ongoing licenses, which most other systems require. There is a minor annual subscription, which covers world class hosting, free updates and last but not least free support. 

Fast and cheap establishment and scaling: It is very cheap and fast to get started and go online with a MCB solution, because the software is already fully developed and does not need to be reinvented from scratch for every single customer. In addition you avoid the time consuming and expensive process finding different providers to match all your needs (hosting, mail, servers, etc.) meanwhile assuring, that all your systems can work together. Furthermore our many different modules and add-ons make it fast and cheap to scale your solution along the way, concurrently with your needs increasing.

Extreme Flexibility: Because you are only one amongst thousands of users, our system easily can handle it, if you suddenly need 10 times as much storage capacity or computing power from many servers, and the next day you only need, what a single server can handle.

Accessibility: It is always possible to access data no matter where you are, or whether you use a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.

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MCB is a web company with headquarter in Denmark and a branch in Vietnam. All together we have more than 60 competent and committed colleagues striving to develop the best possible web solutions for our customers. We work hard to develop, design and produce leading website and webshop solutions. We value customer driven development of our platforms, ensuring competitive solutions that increase our customers businesses. We closely follow the development in the market in order to deliver high quality and long lasting products.
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