H. J. Hansen

Unique sales system generates great yearly cost savings on licences.

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When in 2011 H.J. Hansen Wine decided to relaunch their web solution, they chose MCB as their provider. Early in 2012 they launched a modern and professional web-shop solution with many special designed features and functions, embracing their exact business set-up. The web-shop can be used both by private customers, H.J. Hansen dealers through the chain Vinspecialisten (The Wine Specialist) as well as by individual major clients.

All dealers and major clients have a login for the webshop, bringing them to their private page, where they can view their customer specific prices, discounts, freight agreements etc. Furthermore there is access to quick ordering and check list, which makes it easier for customers to repurchase items, they often buy.

One of those entirely unique solutions is the so-called sales system, that makes it possible for H.J. Hansen's sales representatives to log in on behalf of the customers and in that way help them placing or modifying orders etc. This function has caused, that H.J. Hansen no longer needs to buy sales licences for their financial management systems, which have effected a yearly cost saving amounting to several hundred thousand Danish kroner. The sales system has, in addition, the advantage that customers and sales representatives type in orders into the same system, which has resulted in a much better customer service. 
Visit H. J. Hansens website to explore their professional e-commerce solution.