B2B PowerPack

All the best B2B modules – buy them separately or together at a good price!

With a B2B PowerPack you get a broad range of attractive modules, which makes your B2B webshop even more functional and user-friendly, while making it easier for you to serve your customers.

  • Assures a functional and user-friendly B2B webshop
  • Makes your customer service more efficient

The modules can be bought separately or together at a good price.

The total price for all the below mentioned modules are: DKK 87.750,-

If you buy the total the package the price is: DKK 54.950,-

By buying the entire B2B PowerPack you save DKK 32.800,-

If you buy a plan the module price is dropped and the price is then only DKK 42.750,-

The B2B PowerPack contains the following features:


The login function makes it possible to give the customers access to possibilities on you webshop, such as special prices, delivery setups, B2B front page, quick ordering, order history, wish list, checklist, and much more. In other words, a login to the webshop makes it a lot easier for the returning customers to buy your products in your webshop, which also helps you build customer loyalty.


- Incl. 3 hours setup

- Excl. integration with ERP.

Price: (I: DKK 2.800 M: DKK 3.000)

B2B Front Page

When B2B customers log in to your webshop, they arrive on a special front page with an independent design illustrating that the customer is inside the B2B webshop. It is possible to differentiate the front page for each customer by having different logos, text, banners, news, etc.

Specifications: 2 hours design and 4 hours webdesign.

Price: (I: DKK 5.700 M: DKK 6.000)

Quick Ordering

With quickordering the customer can buy directly from the search function on the webshop. The search is running on our SolR super searcher which bases searches on the customers' former purchases and checklist. This feature is ideal to use on fairs as a sales representative solution, and for customers that frequently places orders because it makes the ordering process fast and efficient. It can also be an advantage on fairs since orders have to be made quick.


- 3 hours setup

- Requires Super Searcher

Price: (I: DKK 5.700 M: DKK 6.000)

Favourite List

Gives the customers the possibility to save their products on a favourite list, to which they can always return.


- Requires login to the shop (not possible on subshops)

- Incl. 3 hours setup

Price: (I: DKK 2.850 M: DKK 3.000)

Login with customer specific things

With a login on the site it is possible to differentiate products, product groups, prices, discounts, and payment methods according to the various customers/customer groups. When the customers are logged in to the shop they only have access to the products, prices, and product groups, which are accessible to them. E.g. some customers have some special agreements, that only they can see or some customers may have access to buy products on an account, whereas other have to pay cash, etc. With a login it is possible for the customer to create favourite lists, check lists, just as it is possible to save different delivery addresses, etc.


- Incl. 3 hours design and 6 hours webdesign

- Can require more hours for sync., which will cause an increase in price

Price: (I: DKK 8.550 M: DKK 9.000)

Order History

Allows your customers to view their old orders placed through the webshop and search out the orders according to date.
If you have synchronized the order history, where the orders is synchronized from the ERP-system to Masterpiece, it is in addition also possible to make a search based on item number and find all the products, that has been placed from a mobile phone, through email and on the webshop.


- Incl. 3 hours webdesign

- Can require more hours for sync., which will cause an increase in price

Acquisition: Can be expanded with a synchronisation with old orders from the ERP-system. Estimated to 10 hours.

Price: (I: DKK 3.800 M: DKK 4.000)

Link for Direct Login

By only one click on a link, which contains a password, your customers can log directly in on their profile on the B2B webshop, where they have access to special prices and discounts. A login for each customer/customer group has to be created and the password is inserted directly in the link which is then send to the customers.
NB: This type of login has a low degree of security. You should consider therefore, whether the possibility to buy on account should exist. On the other hand this function is very good and easy to use instead of gift certificate codes.

Specifications: 1 hour webdesign

Price: (I: DKK 950 M: DKK 1.000)

Extra Fee Module

Makes it possible to connect extra fees (such as deposits, packaging deposit, etc.) to a product. The extra fees are established as an individual product which is afterwards connected with the main product. The price on the product and the extra fee are shown separately on the product site, and the extra fee is automatically adjusted to the chosen number of items. In the shopping basket the price on the product and the price on the extra fee are presented in two individual lines.  

Specifications: 1 hour webdesign

Price: (I: DKK 950 M: DKK 1.000)

iPaper Data Enrichment

With iPaper data enrichment it becomes possible to buy directly from an iPaper catalogue (external distributor). The customer can click on each individual product and add it to the shopping basket, which is shown in the internet browser. When an order is about to be completed the customer is directed directly to the webshop, where the products automatically are transferred to the shopping basket and the transaction can be completed from here.


- This module is only for iPaper users with buying functionality. Contact iPaper for further information about your possibilities.

- Excl. subscription to iPaper

- Incl. 1 hour webdesign

Price: (I: DKK 2.850 M: DKK 3.000)

PDF Product Catalogue

Product catalogues are auto-generated from product name, description and if necessary specifications. This information is placed in a template, which matches the design profile on your webshop. The product catalogues can be found and printed directly from the shop both by customers and sales representatives, and the product catalogues can be used to e.g. send along with orders, as a sales tool for the sales representatives, when they visit customers, or placing them along products in a physical store or on a trade fair.

Specifications: Incl. 5 hours design and 2 hours webdesign

Price: (I: DKK 6.650 M: DKK 7.000)

Delivery Method by Customer Group

Customers can be divided into different groups, to which different delivery possibilities are specified.
You can, as an example, divide your customers in east and vest groups, where the east group can choose delivery Monday or Wednesday, and the vest group can choose delivery Tuesday or Thursday.

Specifications: Incl. 2 hours webdesign

Price: (I: DKK 1.900 M: DKK 2.000)

User Defined Variation View

With this feature it is possible to define the variation view according to the different customer types. E.g. a B2C customer only normally buys one pair of pants in one specific size, while a B2B customer maybe needs 2 pairs in size small, 4 in size medium, and 3 in size large. With user defined variation view, the variation view is adjusted to, respectively, B2C and B2B customers (login).


- Incl. 5 hours webdesign

-  Requires login

Price: (I: 6.650 DKK M: 7.000 DKK)

General Specifications

  • Modules can be bought individually or all together at a good price
  • When you buy the B2B PowerPack you gain access to activate all or some of the features described above on our site at the stationary module- and implementation price.
  • You have to start out deciding which of the features, that needs to be activated.
  • If later on (after the project is finished) you wish to add one or more features from the B2B PowerPack to your site, you have to pay the individual implementation price of these features (is found under each feature).
  • All the modules are designed and set up according to the design profile on the existing site. It is possible to buy extra design and web-design hours, if special demands for design and functionality arises.
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