B2C Powerpack

All the best modules for B2C webshops - buy them separately or together at a good price!

With a B2C Powerpack you get a long range of attractive modules, which makes your webshop even more functional and user-friendly for your customers.

  • Better navigation and user-friendliness for the visitors
  • Dynamic functions that creates a more flexible webshop

The modules can be bought separately or together at a good price.

The total price for all the below mentioned modules are: DKK 93,600.-

If you buy the total the package the price is: DKK 54,950.-

By buying the entire B2C PowerPack you save DKK 38,650.-

If you buy a plan the module price is dropped and the price is then only DKK 46,550.-

The Powerpack contains the following features:


The login function allows customers access to extra possibilities on your webshop. They can e.g. save delivery information and delivery address, and even save the content of the shopping basket so they can return to the webshop and continue shopping before completing the order. It is furthermore possible to create wish lists, and checklists, etc. In other words; a login to the webshop makes it a lot easier for the returning customers to buy your products in your webshop, which also helps you build customer loyalty.


- Incl. 3 hours setup

- Excl. integration with ERP.

Price: (I: DKK 2.800 M: DKK 3.000)

Favourite List

Gives customers the option for saving their products on a favourite list, to which they can always return.


- Requires login on the shop (not possible on subshops)

- Incl. 3 hours web design

Price: (I: DKK 2.850 M: DKK 3.000)

“Other Customers have also Bought”

A classic, additional sales module where a selection of products bought by other customers are shown along with the particular product of choice.


- Incl. 3 hours web design

Price: (I: DKK 2.850 M: DKK 3.000)

E-mail notification when the product is back in stock

If a product is out of stock, the customer can sign up for a mail service and be notified, when the product is back on stock. If the product is discontinued, it is possible to replace the product with a new product and notify the customer about the replacement.


- Incl. 4 hours web design

Price: (I: DKK 3,800 M: DKK 4,000)

Compact Menu

The compact menu makes it possible to select which product groups to be shown in a compact edition of the menu. It is thereby easy to assess all the main product groups at the same time, which can make the navigation easier if you have many product groups. All product groups under a main product group are shown by clicking on “show all”.


- Incl. 2 hours web design

Price: (I: DKK 1,900 M: DKK 2,000)

Customer Specific Product Groups

Allows giving selected customers/customer groups access to special product groups, which are unaccessible to other ”normal” customers. It can be used for e.g. customer clubs, sports associations, business agreements, etc.


- Requires login to the shop (not possible on subshops)

- Incl. 2 hours web design

Price: (I:  M: )

Online Purchase of Gift Certificates

Allows the customers to buy a gift certificate, that can be given as a present. The function automatically generates a graphical gift certificate including a gift certificate code, which can be used in the webshop and in the mobile edition of the webshop. After the purchase the gift certificate can be printed or sent by email to the recipient.


- Incl. 5 hours setup

- The gift certificate can not be bought via the mobile edition, but can be used in the mobile edition of the site.

- The gift certificate is only valid for the webshop. If you have a physical store it can create problems since the gift certificates not automatically can be used in the store. You can offer the customer to help them with placing an order in the webshop or converting the online gift certificate to a physical gift certificate.

- There has to be created a product ID on the gift certificate, to make it possible to buy in the shop. Buying a gift certificate automatically makes an order line on the order.

- If you have integration it is important to create the gift certificate in the ERP-system, or else the product ID is deleted when synchronization is made.

Price: (I: DKK 4,750 M: DKK 5,000)

Pictures in shopping basket and on order confirmation

A small product picture is added in each line in the shopping basket and on the order confirmation, which makes it easier for the customer to assess the order.


- Incl. 2 hours web design

Price: (I: DKK 1,900 M: DKK 2,000)

Change the background

Makes it possible to change the background on the site, so you can change the expression of the shop easy e.g. according to season, sale, etc.


- Incl. 2 hours web design

- Incl. design of one background

- NB: can affect that your design has to be changed in order to have a dynamic expression on your site, when you change the background.

Price: (I: DKK 9,500 M: DKK 10,000)

Customized Products

Allows customers to customize selected products. On the products where customization is possible the customer get the possibility to fill in a text field, with e.g. name and number. It can be used for e.g. print on clothes, inscriptions in jewellery, prints on merchandise, etc.


- Incl. 3 hours web design

Price: (I: DKK 2,850 M: DKK 3,000)


Pictograms are small standardized symbols, which can be used to categorize products and thereby give the visitors a better overview of a large product selection. The pictograms are shown on the product list and each single product has all the relevant pictograms attached. Pictograms can be used for e.g. environmental signs, product specifications, and product characteristics.


- Incl. 3 hours design, 5 hours web design

Price: (I: DKK 7,600 M: DKK 8,000)

General Specifications

  • When you buy the B2C PowerPack you gain access to activate all or some of the features described above on your site for the fixed module- and implementation price.
  • You have to decide which features, that have to be activated from the beginning.
  • If later (after the project is finished) you wish to add one or more features from the B2C PowerPack to your site, you have to pay the individual implementation price of these features (is found under each feature).
  • All the modules are designed and set up according to the design profile on the existing site. It is possible to buy extra design and web-design hours, if there should be special demands for design and functionality.
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