Our E-Commerce+ solution is created for those of you, who want the ultimate webshop solution, that is thoroughly tested, and able to scale through the many expansion possibilities.

• Simple and user-friendly administration
• Thoroughly tested platform
• Many expansion possibilities
• HTML and search engine optimized

MCB Platform

E-Commerce+ runs on our MCB Platform, which assures you a thoroughly tested solution, that runs more than 2.200 internet solutions today, and annually generates more than € 150 million in direct and indirect revenue.

MCB Platform is a so-called cloud platform, which you may know from other solutions such as Google's. This means, in practice, that all of our customers have the same software, but the solutions appears to be unique due to the professional design created individually for each single solution and the different data by which the solution is fed.

Unique and Flexible Solution

The webshop has a neat and inviting design, that is consistent with your present visual identity. Our graphical team considers every detail, when they design your new site, so the design presentation reflects exactly the possibilities and challenges you face. In other words – nothing is left to chance! We optimize HTML, so your site always appears as identical as possible in all the new internet browsers such as, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.

The webshop has a safe and easy credit card payment solution, and you can create an unlimited number of products and product groups, and thereby create an online product catalogue quick and easy – even with a high number of product ID’s. If you handle your products, orders, etc. through your ERP-system, we can make the synchronization. Read more about this under Integration, Integration+ and B2B integration.

Through the enclosed HTML-mail sender you can communicate directly with your customers, quick and easy and e.g. send actual discounts, sales offers and campaigns directly to the customers' inbox, and in that way increase your revenue.

The E-Commerce+ solution is, of course, search engine optimized, so your webshop is soon to be found on the internet.

Features in E-Commerce+

With the E-Commerce+ solution you can create an unlimited number of articles, products, product groups, etc. – according to your needs. The solution contains all the functions you would expect from a professional e-commerce solution, such as front page, product sites, product lists, article sites, call-to-action-buttons, shopping basket, boxes, checkout, receipt pages, etc. You can read about some of the most important features below.

Front Page Controller

With the front page module it is possible set up various front pages, where the front page is automatically changing among the different setups, making the site more dynamic, and also to guide the visitors to relevant product groups, campaigns, etc. The front page also contains a slider function, which makes it possible for the user to look through the different front pages. It is also possible to insert videos in the front page controller. The front pages can be controlled by date, which makes them disappear automatically e.g. when a campaign expires. Title tag and meta-description can be set up individually for each front page, which is an advantage for the search engines. Boxes are related to the individual front pages, which makes it possible to build individual front pages with different content.

Payment Gateway

When you have a webshop it requires a payment gateway, which makes it possible to complete a payment on the webshop with different credit cards. There are different payment gateways such as Quickpay and Dibs. We will help you with the setup of the payment gateway, so the shop is fully functional when it is delivered.

Different Payment Possibilities

It is not common, that a webshop offers sales to private customers on credit, whereas it is normal with B2B customers. E-Commerce+ makes it possible to differentiate the payment possibilities in the webshop according to customer type. In the checkout B2B customers are requested their business ID number. When this is entered, it is possible for them to buy on credit, whereas all other orders must be paid with credit card. If you have a mixed customer group, this module can be an advantage to accommodate both customer groups.

Topmenu with. Dropdown

It is possible to expand the top menu with a drop down function, which saves space on the webshop and makes it easier for the customers to assess. The top menu is administered manually, which makes it possible to differentiate the content to your needs.


With the discount module it is quick and easy to setup different discounts on the webshop. The discount module makes it possible to work with four different discount types.

  • Volume discount: Make a percentage discount, when you buy two or more products: E.g. Buy 3 and get a 20 % discount on the entire order.
  • Discount in percentages: Gives a percentage discount on selected products, product groups in a period of time. E.g. 20 % discount on swimsuits in week 1.
  • Discount on the amount: Makes a discount on selected products or product groups by a fixed amount. E.g. Save € 15,- on all jackets.
  • Fixed discount on price:  Make the same price on selected products or product groups. E.g. € 10,- market.


With variant control it is possible to create different variants of your products such as size, colour, length, etc. which makes it easy for customers to choose exactly the variant of the product, they want.

Gift Certificate/Benefit Codes

With the gift certificate control, which can be distributed to selected customers, it is possible to send out gift certificates or benefit codes for usage in the webshop, . The function can be used for e.g. giving a discount on price or in percent or offer free delivery on an order. When the gift certificate is created, you decide for how long the gift certificate is valid and whether it can be used one or several times.


In the checkout the customer can choose between the different freight possibilities, that you have decide to offer to your customers through different logistics providers such as DHL, GLS, etc. (It is possible to add as many logistics providers as you need). That way, it is easy for the customer to assess the different freight possibilities.

You can set the prices for the various delivery possibilities, and also decide by which amount you offer free delivery.

HTML Mail/News letters

Makes it easy and quick to communicate with the members of your mailing list or customer club. With the HTML Mail sender you can send news and important information directly to the members’ inbox, and thereby increase the communication with the visitors. If you have many contacts in your records, you might consider adding our Mail+ solution, which makes it possible to send more advanced newsletters and track the performance directly in the mail program.

Interest Groups at Newsletters

It is possible for the users to choose between different predefined interest groups, when they sign up for the newsletter/customer club. In that way it is possible to differentiate the newsletters for the different groups to their preferences. If you have more physical stores, it is possible to sign up for the newsletters from one or more of the stores, and be informed about local news, discounts, competitions, etc.

Zoom on Product Images

The zoom function allows the user to zoom in on the product images and thereby view the products in more detail.

Multi Upload of Files

If you have a lot of files attached to your products e.g. user manuals, size guides, recipes, etc., it can be an advantage to use the multi upload function, which automatically attaches the files to the right products based on the file names, that reflects the product ID.

Size Regulation in the Product List

If the product list contains images of different sizes the “buy buttons” are adjusted automatically to the same height, which makes the product list appear consistent and clear for the visitors.

Auto-fit of the Product Images

The function assures that all product images are equal sized, which creates an equal and pure style expression on the product list.

Standard Product Image

It is possible to choose a standard image, which is automatically shown on products without a product image. 


The relation module makes it is possible to create relations between selected products so you can show e.g. alternative or complementary products. When the visitor is looking at a product site, the related products are shown below. In that way the relations module is guiding the customer towards similar products, that could be of interest.


Changes are made all the time on a webshop and at some point, you will have an inevitable need to change names on products/sites. To assure that the SEO-value of these sites, which have been built over time isn't wasted, it is essential, that you can create URL-redirects, which will forward the traffic to new sites. The redirect module allows creating redirects automatically  to e.g. another product, if a product is discontinued. The module is also very helpful, when a new shop is created on a new domain, where the old URLs are linked and forwarded to the new webshop, so that old traffic is not lost.

SEO Texts

All pages on the E-Commerce+ solution (front page, product pages, product lists, articles, calendar pages, etc.) are SEO optimized, and offer you the possibility to write unique titles and meta descriptions (title tag and meta description), which should be used strategically to assure as great results in the search engines as possible.

It is furthermore possible to add additional text on the front page of the webshop and on the product groups for use in the search engine optimization. The text is by default hidden behind a link, that is revealed, when you click on it. In that way it is easy to add extra SEO text to the most important landing pages without disturbing the graphical image.

Image Overlays

By using overlays it is easy to point out selected products in the product list, which requires special attention. In that way an overview of the product list will be created, which makes it easier for the visitors to navigate and select exactly the products they desire.

An image overlay is a small graphical picture, that is placed on top of the primary product image, thereby emphasizing selected products in the product list. Image overlays can e.g. be used to point out news products, discounts, “we recommend”, Sale, “Available in different colours”, brand images or logos. The function is easy to administer by placing the desired products into certain product groups.

RSS Feed

The RSS feed module allows showing the newest products on the front page of the webshop automatically. This is an advantage both to visitors and the search engines. A dynamic front page indicates to the customer, that the webshop is up-to-date and guides them directly to the newest products. Refering to the search engines it is highly effective, that the front page is frequently changing as opposed to being static.

Share Buttons

Allows the visitors to share specific content from your site on social medias and via email directly. There are five share buttons in total : Facebook, Twitter, Print, Notice a friend, and Google+.

Product Catalogues

With this module it is possible to generate product descriptions as product catalogues which customers and sales representatives can find and print directly from the webshop. The product catalogues can for example be used as sales material for the sale representatives, when they are visiting customers or on trade shows.

The product catalogues are generated from the product name and product description and product specification (acquisition) and is set up in a standard template with your logo. It is possible to make a special designed template for your product catalogue (acquisition), which is aligned with your company's design layout.

The product catalogues can be used to e.g.:

  • Placing them along with products in a physical store or on a trade fair
  • Send along with orders
  • As a sales tool for the sales representatives when they visit customers
  • To print by the customers on the site


With Breadcrumbs the user can follow his/her “trail” back to the point of origin. In that way it is easy for the user to find the earlier viewed pages that has been visited from the front page to the actual destination. Breadcrumbs are important both for the search engines and the overall user-friendliness of the site.


A favicon is a small icon, which is shown in the tab of the browser before the title of the page used by the majority of websites to stand out from other tabs. When you buy the E-Commerce+ solution, there is a special designed icon included, that suits your graphical identity.

Barcode Generator

Makes it possible to automatically generate barcodes on all orders on an order receipt. The barcodes can e.g. be used in hand with the order handling, where the barcodes can be scanned and send directly to e.g. consignor.

Pop-up Confirmation

When the customer has added a product to the shopping basket, it is possible to show a small pop-up window with a message “your product is now added to your shopping basket – do you want to pay or continue shopping?”. You thereby confirm for the customer, that there has been made an action, and it is easy for the customer to advance regarding their needs.

Sales of Files

With this function it is possible to sell non-physical products such as files/PDF’s e.g. a knitting pattern, etc.

Sales in Packaging and Units

With this function it is possible to sell non-physical products such as files/PDF’s e.g. a knitting pattern, etc.

Overview of Product Sales

For those companies that do not have an ERP-system, we have developed a function, that makes it possible to see an outline of the total sales of products on the webshop and the cost prices and the contribution margin. To use the function cost price has to be keyed in on all products. NB: The function only works with one currency.

This list is only a selection of all the functionalities that you get with the E-Commerce+ solution. If you experience that something is missing, then do not hesitate to contact your consultant before you make your final decision. Maybe it is already a part of the E-Commerce+ solution, or we will definitely be able to develop it.


  • It is possible that there can be extra expenses to third party solutions such as payment gateways.
  • The price includes 20 hours design and 30 hours webdesign.
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