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Most companies have something, that they sell on their homepages. It can be products of high complexity, that requires special guidance or non-physical products, that cannot be added to a shopping basket on a webshop.

Some products are simply not suited for online sale, and then the purpose of the homepage is creating contact between the potential customers and the company. In other words the homepage is an Indirect Value Creating (IVC) tool, that generates leads for the company, which potentially can lead to a sale.

But the phone does not start ringing just because you launch a homepage. It demands many hours of work to build and maintain a homepage, which is able to create leads. Therefore we have composited an IVC Powerpack, that will help you to a good start online.

  • Use the homepage to create value for the company
  • Strategic structure of the landing pages creates increased traffic
  • Increased traffic creates more leads = potential customers

When you buy an IVC Powerpack we start out developing a thorough search word analysis of your site in order to get a solid starting point to work from. Based on the search word analysis we build landingpages on the 10 most important search words. These landing pages are equipped with conspicuous call-to-action (CTA), which encourages the customer to make an action and e.g. contact you in one way or another.

The CTA is designed exactly to fit your goals with the site: “Ask questions”, “Book a meeting”, “Download a brochure”, “Receive a call”, “Book a seminar/course”, etc. When a visitor has performed the desired action a lead has been created, which potentially could end up fulfilling the overall goal of the homepage, whether the overall goal is selling houses, travels, insurances, courses, education, etc.

We also help you to get started surveying the development on the site in terms of number of visits, clicks, and conversions, so you continuously increase your knowledge about how your site performs. We set up a KPI-sheet (Key Performance Indicator) with the most important measurement figures, and show you how to survey these numbers yourselves in Google Analytics, which will quickly become an essential tool for you.

References creates credibility

The IVC Powerpack also gives you access to our efficient reference module, which makes it possible to build unique reference sites containing extracts from different individual articles. The individual articles are set up with a full text and images, and afterwards the article is related to the overall reference article. The individual articles are thereby shown as extracts with an image in an assembled reference article.

The reference articles shows a special article design where special attention has been given to CTA’s, buttons, etc., which gives a very professional expression, which crates liability and thereby motivates the visitor to contact you.

Experience speaks

We have throughout the years advised different customers on how to create value for the company, and we have helped many companies to increase the conversion rate on the contact formulas - with more leads as a result.

Read our cases and learn how an IVC Powerpack will create value for your company.

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  • Including 10 fully developed landing pages for the most important search words + a list over the 50 next search words we recommend you to continue working with. We can of course also make more landing pages for you on payment.
  • Including 2 hours design, 8 hours set up and x knowledge hours.
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