Language & Currency

Penetrate new markets with a language- and currency versioning edition of your site/shop.

Do you have many international visitors, or are you planning to exploit foreign merkets? With the Language & Currency module you can language versionize your site or shop and thereby meet your foreign customers better.

  • Language- and currency versionized edition of your site
  • Creates more international traffic
  • A site targeted at your international visitors

A language versionized edition of your site is essential to advance in international search results, which is decisive to attract international traffic to your site.

A strategic tool

Many of our customers use a language- and currency versionized edition of their site as a strategic tool to test new markets. A language and currency versionized edition of a site is an easy and relatively cheap method to test the possibility of expanding to new markets. A language versionized site is quick to attract traffic from countries decided to explore and it is therefore easy to test whether or not, there is an interest in your products on the new market. Afterwards you can consider, if there is reason to make a stronger market approach by e.g. agents and sales offices.

Customers that uses Language & Currency: Gudrun&Gudrun, Westpack, Loft & Roomers, Hornvarefabrikken, Birn, Jyden.


- The price is per language or per currency but it is including all of your solutions, e.g. mobile, tables, competition sites, etc.

- Incl. 2 hours design and 6 hours setup.

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