An efficient website is an important tool for creating visibility for your company, store, restaurant, school, club etc. A strategic website can help you establish contact to potential new customers, members, guests, students/pupils etc.

A Website+ solution from MCB contains everything needed in a strong and professional website. The site is easy to update and administer, and in addition it has all the functionalities, you need, to make it attractive and establish contact with the visitors.

  • Easy to administer through a user-friendly platform
  • Thoroughly tested platform with more than 1000 solutions
  • High level of flexibility with many possibilities for expansion
  • Search engine optimized platform that assures quick indexing

MCB Platform

Website+ runs on our MCB Platform, which assures you a thoroughly tested solution, that runs more than 2.200 internet solutions today and annually generates more than € 150 million in direct and indirect revenue each year.

MCB Platform is a so called cloud platform as known from other solutions e.g. Googles solutions. This means, in practice, that all of our customers have the same software, but the solutions appears to be unique due to the professional design, individually made for each single solution and the different data by which the solution is fed.

Unique and flexible solution

The website will get a unique and inviting design consistent with your present visual identity. Our graphic design team is considering every detail, when they design your new site, so the design presentation reflects exactly the possibilities and challenges you face. In other words – nothing is left to chance! We optimize HTML so your site always appears as identical as possible in all the new internet browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Through the HTML-mail sender you can communicate directly with all the contacts in your mail records quick and easily and e.g. send the latest news directly to the customers’ inbox, thereby creating dialogue with your contacts and building up loyalty.

The Website+ solution is of course search engine optimized, so your website is quickly indexed and with that found on the internet.

Features in Website+

The solution contains all the functions you can expect from a professional website such as front page, article pages (content/text pages), news, formulas, contact boxes, etc. and you can of course create an unlimited number of these articles, formulas, news, calendar events, etc. All in all, the website+ solution contains a broad range of different features, which in combination provides you with a functional and user-friendly website. Read more about a selection of these functions below.

Banners: The banner control includes the changeable banners placed on the front page of the site, which can be used as an eye catcher and emphasize current topics, that you wish to place focus on. With the banner control module you can upload the desired banners, link to relevant topics, edit the order of banners and if necessary add a call-to-action text.

News:  With the news module you can create news stories sorted by date, which can be shown on the front page and/or subpages. News help making the site up-to-date and tells the visitors about the recent activities.

Calendar: Shows all the desired activities and occurrences in the company such as events, courses/seminars, receptions, closing days/holiday closing, and much more. It is also possible to buy an expansion, which makes it possible to sell e.g. tickets directly from the calendar.

Box module: Makes it possible to attach boxes to selected articles, news, etc. on different locations on the site. With boxes you can highlight special pages such as news pages, competitions, arrangements, contact information, etc.

HTML-mail sender: Makes it easy and quick to communicate with the members of your mailing list. With the HTML Mail sender you can send news and important information directly to the members' inbox and thereby increase the communication with this group of stakeholders. If you have many contacts in your records, you can consider upgrading to our Mail+ solution, which makes it possible to send more advanced newsletters and track the performance of the newsletters directly in the Mail+ program.

HTML-editor: Allows usage of HTML functions (bolditalic, underlined, etc.) in articles, news, calendar, etc.

Gallery: With the gallery function you can share pictures from arrangements, courses/seminars, etc. directly on the front page or on subpages. The gallery helps making the website seem more “alive”, and it is a good way to give the visitors a glimpse of your everyday life.

Guest book: Allows the users of the site to leave a message to you directly on the website. The function makes it possible for the visitors to interact directly with you on your website and e.g. express what they think about the site and your products/services.

Competitions: Interact with the users on the site by using the competition module, that makes it easy to hold competitions among the visitors.

Relations module: Relate relevant articles, news, competitions, boxes, picture series, etc. in order to guide the visitors to similar content on the website. In that way you can build perfect landing pages, which directs the customers to relevant content and motivate them to contact you.

Share buttons: Allows the visitors to share specific content from your site directly through social media and by e-mail. In total there are five share buttons: Facebook, Twitter, Print, Facebook, Twitter, Print, Notice a friend, and Google+.

Sitemap: Provides a simple overview of all the content of the site. The content is shown in a hierarchical list, which makes it possible to assess all the content of the site if you are on the lookout for something specific.

Website+ solutions: Trough time, we have made a lot of Website+ solutions. You can find an overview of our many references here >>


  • Incl. 10 hours design
  • There is individually payment for the sending of the newsletters.
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