Top web design trends for 2014

Several of amazing design with creative ideas have put a permanent impact on trends for 2014.

Those that made a big splash in 2013 will become household names in 2014, while emerging trends continue to get polished and refined by designers everywhere.

Let’s get started on what we have accumulated.

1. Flat design thrives

Flat design is minimalist design on steroids. Its voice is “simple, clean and modern” with just-in-need words that you might often hear out of most clients’ mouths.

The reason why people favour of  flat design is because it makes senses. Simplicity makes it less clutter, more use of white space and overall a better user experience. The integration of clear details help visitors reach what they are heading for seamlessly without complication. It has powerful images, meaningful content, sleek and purposeful navigation which implied in your design. The easiest become the hardest. This will considerably the top trend to force designers to work persistently to achieve this toughest challenge.

Urge them discover who your company are by letting it unfold before their eyes, like you are speaking. Make them start where you did and fast-track them to how you arrived at a solution. Imagine scrolling down to the bottom of a website page, where the process seem to never end to act like a fairy tale, or an evolution of sorts. The main point is to keep your visitors stay tuned until the end of the story and assure they got your intention thoroughly via words and photos. An effective “storytelling” website is easier said than done. But it’s a worthwhile try – and if it’s done well, you’re pretty much assured of a website that will be the belle of the ball.

2. Responsive design is a must

Responsive design is a tricky function which comfort a series of different display or size, laptop, mobile, tablet… This is soon to become a standard and be requested by your Clients. The reasoning is simple: Demand. Since smartphones and tablets are selling like basic need,  there is huge marketing potential.

In MCB, instead of spending time in vain with this Responsive design and creating more jobs to uploading or syncing data on various versions, our developers work on a qualified design which is critically fitted properly to the mobile or tablet, enhancing them with specified functions or demand.

3. Parallax websites grow in popularity

No need to scroll down, everything is set perfectly within its shape, matched to sizes and configuration. It’s all about the impact and making a BIG statement. Parallax design achieves that successfully with its scrolling mischief, powerful imagery, and strong and creative typography. You will see more and more of this in 2014 especially from big brands

Features to be reviewed

1. Showcasing marvelous images

It is obviously a must in advancing visuality on a website, especially an e-commerce website (webshop). The uniqueness, creativity and qualification are tracked because of affordable pricing, faster loading speed and feasible  accessibility to high quality photos

2. Infographics - the best way of representing data

Presenting a lot of information in a small space with eye-catching and bright-through design, they don’t cost the world. That’s why business owners are asking for them. The end-user likes infographics because each has its own “personality” — a bit quirky, combined typography, bold color schemes and shaping in a way that intrigues viewers.

Designers  who take them seriously always create a story atmosphere around their facts and numbers. Maybe it brings us back to our childhood comics, maybe it’s just the eye candy. Fact is, we’re absorbing loads of information and we love it. It’s such an effective way of communicating large pieces of data.

3. Typography takes center stage

Typography gets serious and arrives at mainstream status. This is the play of letter which typography goodies had a major factor in our font usage expectations.

4. Content Focusing

Publisher, Newspaper do the best. Stripping away all the bells and whistles allows the actual content to shine and makes the design perform its actual role, instead of it trying to steal the spotlight.

5. Short presentation flash

Presentation videos or flashes are more likely to go viral, they’re easy to make and everybody seems to love them. It is fun, creative and motivated. In the last few years, we’ve seen a constant shortening of videos and this upcoming year will promote under 30 second clips to get the point across.

6. Newsletter designs

Email marketing is no longer the only way to reach our audience, but it still is a chance to keep your users interested in your content. Newsletters will stay afloat by being more creative and more exciting even though it’s not the preferred channel anymore.

7. Fixed navigations

Navigation bars will be available at all times! If you’re dealing with a content heavy website, then a fixed position sidebar or top menu will be the logical approach.

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