Why MCB?

At MCB Vietnam the work climate is fast paced and international as we are in close contact with the parent company in Denmark regarding all aspects of our work: tasks, projects, leadership, future development etc. We regularly welcome managers and colleagues from Denmark and we also come to have training as well as to work on projects there. The corporate language is English and all communication as well as task descriptions are written in English.

Working conditions

We offer inspiring working facilities in our attempt to build a good working environment, which brings safety and comfort to our staff's physical and mental health when performing their daily work. Good work conditions are also an important aspect in boosting individual's job satisfaction.
  • Our office is located in the heart of the city.
  • A fully stocked office kitchen complete with food and drinks
  • Professional laptop and monitor equipped at every seat
  • Meeting room is equipped with monitor, camera and multiple internet connection for our online meetings with the Danish office
  • Dynamic, friendly and supportive working environment in which our Vietnamese colleagues are approachable, willing to listen as well as give feedback, with a team of equally passionate, creative and intelligent people. 
  • Working directly with foreign colleagues daily is an excellent opportunity to upgrade and develop your English communication skills.

Employment benefits

Our goal is to constantly build company loyalty and increase individual satisfaction. For this reason, we provide a competitive benefit program and continuously develop it to ensure enjoyable conditions for all our colleagues - not only inside but also outside the workplace.
  • Attractive monthly salary and remuneration package
  • Annual raise.
  • Individual recognition: Employee of the month; Working anniversary 
  • 13th month salary
  • 12 paid day annual leave, 01 leave day is added every 05 working years at MCB.
  • Social, medical and unemployment insurance is completely compliant with laws.
  • Company summer trip to wonderful places of Vietnam and abroad.
  • Monthly team building activities and weekly activities together with special holidays celebration
  • Flexible work schedules - various options are available, some of which will allow our colleagues to adjust their hours in order to take days off each pay period.
  • Telecommuting: in certain circumstances, we facilitate our colleagues to work from home
  • Credit Time: we allow our colleagues to earn time off in exchange for extra hours worked
  • Opportunities to travel to Denmark for further training and culture exploration.  

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