Accumolo - a world-class e-commerce platform

Accumolo has been tested and has collected more data and best practice than most companies ever collect.

We use this knowledge as best practice when developing and designing your Accumolo webshop. Best practice will therefore benefit you in the form of a competitive and proven shop.

Accumolo is a cloud webshop that we completely tailor to your wishes and, not least, the need for the shop to be 100% unique. Accomulo is adaptable and offers comprehensive graphical freedom. With a cloud webshop, you get cheap bootability and high scalability while avoiding expensive licenses. Moreover, concerns and expenses disappear for server operation and backup.

We develop our platform based on best practice, theoretical knowledge and practical insight. We run even more than 50 webshops - either independently of our employees or in partnership. A combination that ensures our customers success with both efficient operation and sales.

Development at the highest level

The platform is the focal point of our entire business, and we therefore invest heavily in creating one of the market's most competitive e-commerce platforms. As a customer you will experience a constant gearing of our platform, which will create great value for you and your business. Everything we develop on the platform is based on two things: supporting your growth and reducing your costs through streamlining.

Each time we have developed new features and modules, we release a RELEASE, so you can always keep track of what happens to the platform. Read the latest releases here.