Recuitment process

We believe that our staff are the most valuable asset and recruiting the right people is critical to our success. Our recruitment process, from start to finish, is conducted strictly, thoroughly and equally with confidence.  
For each vacant position we assess the candidates through a 4 step process where we at the end offer the job to the most qualified and motivated candidate for the specific position.   

The 4 step recruitment process includes:  

step 1: Screening applications

Firstly, we screen our application pool by a background check of all candidates.  Information about education, qualifications and work experience is used to determine if applicants are eligible for the vacant position.

step 2: First interview

Only short-listed candidates will be invited for the first set of interviews.
At the interview we will discuss in details the responsibilities in the position and our expectations from our potential staff. Moreover, we evaluate the candidates on the base of motivations, qualifications and career directions in order to find the group of candidates we want to proceed with. 

step 3: Practical test

The candidates that go through step 2 will receive a practical test according to the specific position. The tests are not only for us to check your technical skills and experience which you have acquired through your work history, but also a way for you to get an introduction to the job at MCB.

step 4: Second interview

When you are invited to the final interview, it means that you are qualified for the vacant position based on your skills and motivation. At this final interview we once more score the remaining applicants and compare strengths and weaknesses among them, so that we are able to offer the job to the most suited candidate.

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