Masterpiece platforms

If you are looking for a single platform that can handle all of your audiences across device types while facilitating the workload of your organization, then Masterpiece is the solution for you. Over the past 17 years, we have made more than 500 Masterpiece solutions

What is Masterpiece?

The Masterpiece platform is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to accommodate your recipients across all devices through a single solution. Almost ... we have no solution for Apple Watch - yet ;-) Nevertheless, the Masterpiece platform is unique because it is both adaptive and responsive.

For your recipients, the website is responsive and for you it is adaptive.

That is, regardless of whether your recipients visit the site via desktop, mobile or tablet, they get a custom responsive experience that matches the device they use at the moment of browsing.

Masterpiece is a cloud platform. You may know this principle from, for example, Google's services, where all your documents, calendar, spreadsheets, etc. stored in the cloud rather than replenishing your computer or server.

In practice, it means that all our customers run on the same software. Nevertheless, each solution is unique because of the professional design that is made individually for each solution, as well as the different data that the solution is fed with.

Save time with Masterpiece

In short, it means that your organization ONLY needs time to maintain your content and data in one place, rather than waste time updating both a mobile version, a desktop version, and a tablet version.

Each page can be set in the platform's default templates or quickly adapted to your needs and your target group needs.

Masterpieces many features

The Masterpiece platform is the result of 17 years of continuous development and therefore contains a variety of features. The many features give you maximum freedom to create just the unique universe that you would like to present your visitors to - whatever device they use.

Endless possibilities

With Masterpiece, you can indulge your visitors as it suits you. You have virtually endless possibilities due to the platform's many modules.